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Here is a selection of my Pastiche Photographs of Old Masters

Devonian Domestic

(After Grant Wood)

A Lady with Shallots

(After Waterhouse)

The Authors as Ambassadors for Intellectual Rigour over the Cauliflower-brained

(After Holbein)

Tropical Plants with Jasper

(After Rousseau)


After Magritte: The Treachery of Image

An Allegory of Modern Marriage

(After Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait)

After Raphael: Madonna

After David: The Death of Claret

Much scarier than Munch

After Millais: Boy Hoodies with Raleigh Bicycle

Boticelli’s Barbie Doll


Daughter of Man (after Magritte)

Girl with a Pearl Nose Ring

The Moaning Geezer

Klimt in the Care Home