An artist now, Anna Grayson started off as a scientist and broadcaster. She made the switch to full time artist only a few years ago and hasn’t looked back.

Anna is best known now for her pastiche photographs of famous works of art.

But she also works with ceramics and print making.

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Devonian Domestic
A photographic pastiche based on

Grant Wood’s American Gothic. The original painting is currently on display in London at the Royal Academy, on loan from Chicago. Exciting!!!

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I currently have a new exhibition at the Words and Pictures Gallery, Teignmouth - joint show with Jane Perkins: Friday 26 May - Friday 9 June 2017

There is a whole installation of pastiche photographs on display. The idea is to create an illusion of walking into a public gallery of national treasures!

A collection of my pastiches are on permanent display at the Artizan Gallery in Lucius Street, Torquay

My Allegory of Modern Marriage (after Jan Van Eyck has also been exhibited at the Royal Academy in London

Anna Grayson

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