I enjoy making pieces that are both functional and decorative. I use hand building methods and occasional casting rather than throwing and frequently puts textures on the clay before it is fired.

I have two main methods for introducing colours into the designs on her pots. Firstly I have developed traditional Devon slipware methods to make more modern designs, such as the pasta bowls and tagine pots - all done by inlaying coloured liquid clay onto a textured surface. This is done before the pots are fired.

This summer I have experimented with raku firing in which metal oxides in the glazes are chemically reduced, sometimes to produce elemental metal. I have also tried obvara firing in which red hot re-fired pieces are dipped in a yeast and flour batter (yes, honestly), and then in water. This drives carbon onto the surface of the clay, often in some very organic-looking patterns.

Anna Grayson

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