An artist now, Anna Grayson started off as a scientist and broadcaster. She made the switch to full time artist only a few years ago and hasn’t looked back.

Anna is best known now for her pastiche photographs of famous works of art.

But she also works with ceramics and print making.

Most of my pastiche photographs are available to order online. Just contact me on

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Two of my pastiche photographs were hung in Grayson Perry’s famous yellow gallery in the 2018 Summer Exhibition. I am often asked about the name Grayson - it is purely a coincidence and we are not related. We just have a few things in common such as making earthenware ceramics and being fluid about gender. Our teddies could be relations though… I had such fun I just had to make a pastiche photo in Grayson’s honour. I have called this Clare without an I.

 I had two pictures in the yellow gallery, and my husband, Des Maxwell Clark is the model in both the pictures, The Moaning Geezer and Klimt in the Care Home.



Anna Grayson

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