An artist now, I started off as a scientist and broadcaster. I made the switch to full time artist only a few years ago and haven’t looked back.

I am best known now for my pastiche photographs of famous works of art.

But I also work with ceramics and printmaking and occasional splashes with paint.

Most of my pastiche photographs are available to order online. Just contact me on

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Many of us fancy a famous piece of art hanging on our own walls, or maybe a whole collection of famous pieces. Few of us can afford it and the really famous ones that tend to be our favourites are in famous galleries, and turning art thief just isn’t on somehow.

So, I have recreated iconic works of art as photographs with the result that you get your favourite masterpiece and a new contemporary piece all in one for a highly affordable price.



An Allegory of Modern Marriage (After Van Eyck), exhibited in the Royal Academy in 2014 Klimt in the Care Home (Exhibited in the Royal Academy in 2018) The Moaning Geezer (Exhibited in the Royal Academy in 2018)



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