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Two of my pastiche photographs were selected to hang at this year’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. All profits from this exhibition go to fund the Royal Academy Schools which run free postgraduate courses for exceptionally talented artists.

They are both hanging in the main gallery curated by Grayson Perry. The walls are bright yellow and all the other artwork is fun and vibrant. The Moaning Geezer is on the left and Klimt in the Care Home top right.

The exhibition is revealed to the artists on Varnishing Day. In the old days this was the day artists applied a layer of varnish to their oil paintings. These days it is just a big party. But sitting below the statue of Joshua Reynolds I took varnishing seriously by applying some to my toenails.


A collection of my pastiche work is still on permanent display at the Artizan Gallery, Lucius Street, Torquay.

Exhibitions and News
Anna Grayson

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